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Introducing Lynn Demers, a trailblazing Internationally Certified Havening Techniques Trainer and Practitioner. Lynn’s commitment to personal and professional growth is unmistakable, as evidenced by her comprehensive training alongside the founders, Doctors Ron and Steven Ruden, and early pioneers in the field. Completing her Havening training in 2015, Lynn swiftly became the second person in Canada to become certified.

A true pioneer, Lynn took the lead in 2016 by hosting the first Canadian training in Vancouver with Dr. Steven Ruden. The following year, she orchestrated another successful program alongside Dr. Kate Truitt. Lynn’s dedication to growth extends beyond mere instruction; she is a compassionate guide, fully devoted to meeting individual needs.

What Sets Lynn Apart:

Lynn’s unique and holistic approach, grounded in complementary healing modalities, sets her apart. More than just an instructor, she serves as a mentor committed to providing unwavering support.

Lynn’s extensive background and hands-on experience guarantee that training with her is a transformative journey. Guided by her Awareness, Alignment, Attunement, and Integration principles, Lynn offers more than just techniques; she empowers you to apply and seamlessly integrate them into your daily life confidently. This immersive approach ensures you navigate your Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner role calmly, resourcefully, and confidently. Training with Lynn means gaining not just skills but a mentor who genuinely understands and supports your growth as a practitioner. Join Lynn on a journey of empowerment and transformation.

In her dual roles, Lynn Demers has seamlessly woven together the principles of Awareness, Alignment, Attunement, and Integration, fostering a transformative and supportive journey for those seeking healing and those learning to facilitate it through Havening Techniques.

Lynn’s Guiding Principles

1. Awareness:

  • Personal Awareness: As both a practitioner and trainer, Lynn fosters a profound understanding of her own strengths, vulnerabilities, and distinctive style in applying Havening Techniques. This self-awareness enables her to authentically connect with clients seeking healing and adapt her approach when training others to do the same.
  • Environmental Awareness: Lynn is attuned to the unique dynamics of both healing sessions and training environments. Whether guiding an individual through trauma recovery or facilitating a training session, she ensures that the emotional climate is conducive to healing and learning.

2. Alignment:

  • Alignment with Havening Goals: Lynn ensures that her healing sessions and training objectives align seamlessly with the principles and goals of Havening Techniques. This alignment guarantees that her work is purposefully relevant and contributes to the overall well-being and transformation of clients and those she trains.
  • Alignment with Participants: Lynn establishes an authentic connection with clients and trainees, recognizing the diversity of experiences and learning styles. Her communication style is aligned with the unique needs of each individual, fostering inclusivity and understanding in both healing sessions and training settings.

3. Attunement:

  • Empathetic Connection: Lynn is deeply attuned to the emotions and needs of her clients seeking healing and transformation. Simultaneously, she brings this empathetic approach to her training sessions, creating a supportive space for practitioners-in-training to explore and understand the transformative power of Havening Techniques.
  • Flexibility and Responsiveness: Lynn’s attunement to the dynamics of healing sessions and training sessions allows her to be flexible and responsive. She adapts her approach based on individual needs, ensuring that the application of Havening is tailored to the specific requirements of each unique situation.

4. Integration:

  • Integration of Havening Knowledge and Skills: Lynn goes beyond merely imparting information; she facilitates the integration of Havening knowledge and skills into the lives of clients and practitioners-in-training. Her sessions include practical applications, reflections, and tools, supporting individuals in incorporating Havening into their healing journey and professional practice.
  • Integration of Feedback: Lynn actively encourages feedback from clients and trainees, integrating it into the evolution of her healing sessions and training programs. This commitment to continuous improvement creates a dynamic and responsive learning and healing experience for all those under her guidance.

HAVENING Vancouver

“Sculpting Soul Deep Freedom”

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