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Embark on a transformative journey towards healing and self-discovery with Lynn Demers of Havening Vancouver.

Training and Certification

Choose Your Start Date! Flexible One-on-One Certified Havening Techniques® Training Program. Maximize your mastery of Havening Techniques® and elevate your therapeutic practice with our exclusive One-on-One Havening Training. For more details, click on the links below.


    Flexible One-on-One Certified Havening Techniques Training

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    • Start with a single session and notice an immediate positive impact!

    • Our first meeting is about understanding your aspirations and creating a tailored plan for personal growth or professional advancement.
    • As a Certified Havening Techniques® Trainer and Practitioner, I provide a compassionate and supportive setting for your development.
    • Ready to transform? Book your session and embark on your journey to success.


    • Transform your life with our 6-session coaching program, designed for personal and professional growth.

    • Using Havening Techniques®, I’ll help you navigate obstacles and move forward with confidence.
    • We’ll integrate effective self-help strategies into your routine, aiming for continuous progress.
    • Experience a supportive journey towards achieving your full potential in a compassionate, safe setting.


      • Unlock your full potential with our 12-session coaching program, designed for deep personal and professional growth.
      • Leveraging Havening Techniques®, I provide targeted support to overcome past obstacles and move forward with confidence.
      • Benefit from comprehensive, empathetic support in a safe environment tailored to foster transformative change.

      • We’ll integrate effective self-help strategies into your routine, aiming for continuous progress.

      Discover Emotional Resilience with Havening Techniques at Havening Vancouver

      What are Havening Techniques®?

      Havening Techniques are a unique blend of touch, imagination, and attention that helps navigate and soothe various mental wellness challenges. From easing distress and anxiety to overcoming phobias and emotional trauma, discover the incredible potential of Havening for fostering Post-Traumatic Growth.

      Your Path to Wellness Begins Here with Lynn Demers

      Embark on a transformative journey at Havening Vancouver with Lynn Demers, an internationally certified Havening Techniques® trainer, practitioner, and mentor. Lynn offers a unique, touch-based path to mental wellness and personal growth by blending emotional well-being expertise with artistic insight.

      Unlock the Power of Psychosensory Healing

      At the forefront of psychosensory therapies, Havening Techniques uses the restorative touch to change how the mind handles stress and trauma. This method clears traumatic memories, enhancing focus, motivation, and mental clarity. It’s a refined approach to crafting a resilient and balanced mind.

      Transform with Havening Touch®

      Havening Touch® invites you on a healing journey to remove negative emotions and build resilience. This gentle process unlocks profound well-being and growth, helping you break through emotional barriers to achieve a fulfilling life.

      Guided by Expertise

      Deep emotional healing requires expert guidance. Partnering with Lynn Demers provides access to specialized Havening Techniques®, supporting a comprehensive strategy for emotional wellness that seamlessly integrates with other therapeutic practices.

      Journey with Lynn Demers

      Choosing Lynn as your guide ensures a compassionate journey toward personal growth. With her support, confidently face life’s challenges, embracing the tools needed for a resilient and balanced existence.

      Begin Your Healing Journey

      Join us at Havening Vancouver to uncover your inner peace and resilience, nurtured by Lynn Demers’ experienced and caring guidance. Start your journey of self-discovery and renewal today.

      Who is Havening for? Discover Havening Techniques: A Revolutionary Approach to Emotional Healing

      Transform Your Healing Journey with Havening Techniques

      Havening Techniques present an innovative method for emotional healing, specifically crafted to alter the brain’s response to traumatic memories. This unique approach stands out for its ability to modify neural pathways, offering a fresh perspective on emotional wellness.

      Enhancing Therapeutic Practices with Havening Techniques

      One of the standout features of Havening Techniques is their compatibility with a wide range of therapeutic modalities. Whether used as a standalone method or with other therapies, Havening Techniques amplify the healing process, making them a versatile tool in the mental health field.

      A Broad Application in Mental Health Settings

      Across diverse therapeutic environments, Havening Techniques prove to be an invaluable asset. Their application enriches mental health practices, contributing significantly to the breadth of available treatment options and fostering a more comprehensive approach to care.

      Versatility and Effectiveness: The Hallmarks of Havening Techniques

      From initiating sessions with the calming effect of Havening Touch to addressing deeper emotional challenges, the method’s versatility is unmatched. Its effectiveness in various contexts highlights its role as a pivotal resource for holistic emotional healing.

      Integrating Havening Techniques for Holistic Well-being

      Havening Techniques excel in harmonizing with other therapeutic approaches, underscoring their adaptability and commitment to holistic well-being. This seamless integration enhances overall treatment outcomes, positioning Havening Techniques as a cornerstone of modern emotional health practices.

      Elevate your Coaching Journey with Havening Techniques

      Havening Techniques enhance coaching by addressing emotional barriers, crucial for unlocking personal growth and offering transformative benefits to individuals.

      This innovative integration elevates the coaching model, targeting the neurobiological underpinnings of stress, trauma, and emotional blocks.

      Havening’s unique ability to alter these mechanisms directly leads to deep emotional healing within the coaching framework.

      Integrating Havening into coaching boosts emotional resilience, accelerates personal breakthroughs, and fosters effective stress management strategies for clients.

      Empowering individuals with tools for self-regulation and resilience fosters adept navigation of life’s challenges for a more balanced approach.

      Havening Techniques synergize with coaching, enhancing impact for profound personal development and lasting goal achievement in dynamic, transformative ways. This integration optimizes the coaching journey and sets a new standard for holistic personal advancement.

      Enhance Mind-Body Practices

      Mind-body practices such as mindfulness, yoga, and meditation emphasize harmony between body and mind, fostering relaxation and self-awareness.

      Havening integrates a neurobiological aspect, directly impacting the brain’s amygdala and prefrontal cortex, crucial for stress response and emotional regulation.

      It enhances mind-body practices, intensifying calming effects for immediate relief from stress and anxiety, fostering a grounded sense of well-being.

      Support Energy Psychology

      Energy psychology modalities, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also complement well with Havening.

      Both approaches alter the body’s response to emotional stimuli, with EFT using tapping on meridian points to balance energy flow.

      Havening, emphasizing touch, enhances this by directly affecting brain chemistry, potentially offering immediate calmness and reducing emotional distress.

      Complement Traditional Therapies

      Havening seamlessly integrates with traditional therapies like CBT, EMDR, and psychotherapy, enhancing their effectiveness and providing comprehensive support. Its versatility complements diverse treatment approaches, fostering holistic healing experiences for individuals.

      For example, CBT targets thought patterns and behaviors, while Havening reduces emotional charge from traumatic memories, enhancing cognitive restructuring.

      Integrate with Creative Therapies and Bolster Physical Therapies

      Enhancing Creative Therapies with Havening Techniques®

      CBT focuses on thought patterns and behaviours, while Havening reduces emotional charge from traumatic memories, enhancing cognitive restructuring effectively.

      Integrating Havening calms the nervous system pre- or post-therapy, effectively enabling full engagement and benefits from creative therapeutic activities.

      Incorporating Havening into creative therapies deepens clients’ connections to creative expressions, fostering significant emotional insights and healing experiences.


      Strengthening Physical Therapies Through Havening Integration

      Physical therapies, such as physiotherapy and massage therapy, gain an added dimension of healing when combined with Havening Techniques®.

      While primarily focusing on physical well-being, integrating Havening amplifies emotional and psychological benefits effectively within these therapies.

      This is achieved by directly addressing emotional aspects linked to physical discomfort, fostering a comprehensive and holistic healing experience.

      Incorporating Havening with physical therapies alleviates physical ailments and heals emotional underpinnings, ensuring a thorough and enduring recovery.

      Integrating Havening Techniques® into creative and physical therapies offers a holistic approach, addressing mind and body for a comprehensive healing experience.

      This approach enhances the therapeutic outcomes and provides individuals with a robust emotional regulation and well-being tool.

      Embrace Healing with Havening Touch®

      Face Havening

      Arm Havening

      Hand Havening

      Online Coaching Resources


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