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Discover Emotional Transformation with Lynn Demers at Havening Vancouver. Skilled in sculpting human potential, Lynn is a certified trainer, practitioner and mentor in Havening Techniques®. She specializes in guiding you through a journey of self-discovery, helping remove barriers to growth. Embark on a path with Lynn towards significant personal change.

Lynn Demers: Sculpting the Human Spirit

My Story: The Intersection of Art and Healing

For over thirty years, I’ve woven the art of sculpting into a metaphor for transformation and healing. In the solitude of my studio, I’ve discovered not just the physical form within marble but the latent potential within every person. This realization propelled me towards becoming a Certified Havening Techniques® Trainer, Practitioner and Mentor, where I combine my artistic vision with a profound understanding of the human psyche.

From Marble to Masterpiece: The Art of Emotional Sculpting

My journey has led me to a unique practice where I guide individuals through the emotional equivalent of sculpting—removing the layers that obscure their true selves. Like a sculptor who sees the beauty waiting to be revealed in a block of stone, I apply Havening’s touch and compassionate encouragement to help others discover and embrace their intrinsic worth.

The Craft of Healing: Creativity, Knowledge, and Resilience

Navigating from trauma to clarity, I rely on creativity, knowledge, and a firm belief in the resilience of the human spirit. My experience has shown me the intertwined nature of creation and healing, where patience, understanding, and persistence are key. In listening deeply to those I work with, I aim to lighten their burdens and shed light on their path to self-discovery.

Guiding Principles of Transformation: Awareness, Alignment, Attunement, and Integration

The core of my Havening work is built on four guiding principles: Awareness, Alignment, Attunement, and Integration. These principles shape our journey towards healing and reveal the immense potential within each of us, waiting to be unlocked and celebrated.

Through my narrative, I invite you on a transformative journey that merges the disciplines of art and psychology. I aim to sculpt a path toward healing, self-discovery, and the full realization of your potential.

My Guiding Principles

Awareness: Discover the Power of Awareness with Havening Techniques

Awareness is key to transformation, focusing on self-understanding and recognizing the triggers and emotions that define our experiences. Lynn Demers guides clients through this journey of self-discovery, encouraging curiosity and compassion to lay the foundation for healing. This essential step helps individuals identify and address the layers concealing their true essence.

Alignment: Unlock Alignment through Havening Techniques

Harmonizing Thoughts, Actions, and Emotions. Discover the power of aligning your inner world with your core values for a more authentic and purpose-driven life. Learn to synchronize your feelings and actions with your personal goals and values, fostering a deep sense of authenticity and purpose. This alignment empowers you with confidence and clarity and guides you on your healing journey.

Attunement: Deepening Connections with Havening Techniques

Attunement is crucial in Havening, focusing on empathetically resonating with and responding to others’ emotional states. It’s about creating a bridge of understanding and trust, fostering a therapeutic relationship that enhances healing. This process allows for a safe space where transformative healing can deeply and personally occur, making each healing journey unique and impactful.

Integration: Weaving Havening Techniques into Daily Life

Integration is key in Havening, focusing on incorporating session insights and transformations into everyday life. It’s about making the healing and growth achieved during sessions a part of your thoughts, behaviors, and interactions, ensuring positive and lasting changes. This holistic approach guarantees that healing extends beyond sessions, deeply embedding the benefits of Havening techniques for a resilient and transformative journey.

My Approach: Sculpting Pathways to Healing and Growth

A Journey of Learning, Healing, and Empowerment

Welcome to a space dedicated to healing, growth, and self-discovery. The powerful narratives of resilience and transformation I encounter continuously enrich my personal and professional journey. These experiences remind us of the incredible strength and adaptability of the human spirit. As your guide, I’ve not only had the honour of facilitating healing but have also experienced profound personal growth and a renewed sense of purpose.

Embarking on a Collaborative Healing Journey

I invite you to join me on this transformative journey, where we’ll walk side by side toward unlocking personal growth and resilience. This journey is about more than healing; it’s about discovering the art of transformation, uncovering the beauty within, and sculpting a life that genuinely reflects your essence.

Crafting Your Future Together

Let’s embrace the potential for change, channelling our collective strength, clarity, and joy. Our goal is to sculpt a future that resonates with life’s vibrant energy and mirrors the depth of our true selves. Engage in this journey of transformation with me, and let’s reveal the masterpiece of your life.

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