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One-on-One International Havening Techniques® Certification Training Program. Flexible Start Date: 8-Modules x 2 Hours

  • Are you ready to revolutionize your professional practice and unlock the transformative power of Havening Techniques?
  • Our Certified One-on-One training program offers an unparalleled and flexible alternative to traditional group sessions.
  • Embark on a profound journey of neuroplasticity, lasting change, and exceptional professional growth. Join our immersive 16-hour training program spread over 8 x 2-hour Modules. Flexible weekly scheduling – choose the best dates and times for you!

Single Session: Online

  • Begin with just one session and see an immediate positive impact!
  • Our first meeting is about understanding your aspirations and creating a tailored plan for personal growth or professional advancement.
  • As a Certified Havening Techniques® Trainer and Practitioner, I provide a compassionate and supportive setting for your development.
  • Ready to transform? Book your session and embark on your journey to success.

Package of 6 Sessions: Online

  • Transform your life with our 6-session coaching program, designed for personal and professional growth.
  • Using Havening Techniques®, I’ll help you navigate obstacles and move forward with confidence.
  • We’ll integrate effective self-help strategies into your routine, aiming for continuous progress.
  • Experience a supportive journey towards achieving your full potential in a compassionate, safe setting.
  • Ready for meaningful change? Begin your path to transformation now.

Package of 12 Sessions: Online

  • Unlock your full potential with our 12-session coaching program, designed for deep personal and professional growth.
  • Leveraging Havening Techniques®, I provide targeted support to overcome past obstacles and move forward with confidence.
  • This program offers practical self-help strategies for daily integration, ensuring progress toward your goals.
  • Benefit from comprehensive, empathetic support in a safe environment tailored to foster transformative change.
  • Ready for a significant journey? Book now and start your path to transformation.

Schedule Your Transformational Journey with Lynn Demers

Embark on a Path of Healing and Empowerment

Welcome to the threshold of transformative healing and growth, a journey where every step forward unfolds new possibilities of resilience and self-discovery. I am Lynn Demers, your dedicated guide and mentor in the enlightening practice of Havening Techniques®. Leveraging over thirty years of expertise in the art world and personal development, I offer a distinctive approach that marries creativity with deep psychological insights and nurturing support.

Personalized Healing and Training Programs

Whether you’re on a quest to gracefully overcome personal hurdles, eager to connect with your authentic self, or aiming to empower others as a certified Havening Techniques® practitioner, you’ve found your sanctuary. Each personalized session is crafted to align with your journey, steering you toward a life marked by clarity, resilience, and the profound joy of true fulfillment. Our exclusive One-on-One Havening Techniques® training program is designed to provide a comprehensive, personalized learning experience, arming you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in your healing practice.

Begin Your Journey Towards Transformation

Your transformative adventure is merely a click away. Secure your spot today to commence a journey rich in personal and professional development. Together, we will navigate the path of healing and growth, sculpting a future that vibrates with strength, wellness, and the unforgettable joy of self-discovery.

What Is Havening?

Unlock Healing Through Touch:

Havening Techniques utilize the power of therapeutic touch to activate the brain’s healing pathways, reducing stress, and alleviating anxiety. This gentle approach can help you release emotional baggage, paving the way for a lighter, more joyful life.

Rewire Your Brain for Resilience:

By engaging with Havening, you’re not just addressing current discomforts; you’re fundamentally rewiring your brain to enhance resilience against future stressors. It’s a science-backed method to strengthen your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Transform Trauma into Strength:

Havening Techniques are particularly effective in processing and healing from trauma. Through targeted touch and guided imagery, you can transform traumatic memories into sources of strength, reducing their emotional impact and reclaiming your power.

Empower Personal Growth:

Beyond healing, Havening opens the door to personal growth and self-discovery. It facilitates a deeper connection with your true self, enhancing self-awareness and promoting a sense of inner peace and clarity.

Enhance Emotional Regulation:

Learn to navigate your emotions with greater ease. Havening helps in developing more effective emotional regulation strategies, enabling you to face life’s ups and downs with grace and equanimity.

Personalized Healing Journey:

Every Havening session is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking relief from anxiety, looking to overcome past traumas, or simply aiming for personal enrichment, Havening provides a customized path to healing and growth.

Meet Lynn Demers: Your Guide and Mentor

Introducing Lynn Demers, a visionary and Internationally Certified Havening Techniques Trainer and Practitioner. Lynn’s passion for personal and professional development is evident through her extensive training and pioneering contributions to the field. Since becoming certified in January 2016, Lynn has become a leading figure in Havening in Canada, known for her warmth, wisdom, and dedication.

Lynn: A Trailblazer in Healing

Lynn hosted Canada’s first Havening Training in 2016, showcasing her commitment to spreading this transformative technique. Her approach goes beyond teaching; she’s a nurturing mentor, deeply committed to your individual journey.

Why Lynn Stands Out:

Lynn’s approach marries the intuitive touch of a sculptor with the science of healing, offering more than just lessons; she provides a supportive partnership. Training with Lynn means gaining not just skills but a compassionate ally who’s invested in your growth every step of the way.

Embark on this journey with Lynn, where the art and science of healing weave together to open new paths of empowerment and professional enrichment.

Elevate your Coaching Journey with Havening Techniques

Havening Techniques enhance coaching by addressing emotional barriers, crucial for unlocking personal growth and offering transformative benefits to individuals.

This innovative integration elevates the coaching model, targeting the neurobiological underpinnings of stress, trauma, and emotional blocks.

Havening’s unique ability to alter these mechanisms directly leads to deep emotional healing within the coaching framework.

Integrating Havening into coaching boosts emotional resilience, accelerates personal breakthroughs, and fosters effective stress management strategies for clients.

Empowering individuals with tools for self-regulation and resilience fosters adept navigation of life’s challenges for a more balanced approach.

Havening Techniques synergize with coaching, enhancing impact for profound personal development and lasting goal achievement in dynamic, transformative ways.

This integration optimizes the coaching journey and sets a new standard for holistic personal advancement.

Enhance Mind-Body Practices

Mind-body practices such as mindfulness, yoga, and meditation emphasize harmony between body and mind, fostering relaxation and self-awareness.

Havening integrates a neurobiological aspect, directly impacting the brain’s amygdala and prefrontal cortex, crucial for stress response and emotional regulation.

It enhances mind-body practices, intensifying calming effects for immediate relief from stress and anxiety, fostering a grounded sense of well-being.

Support Energy Psychology

Energy psychology modalities, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also complement well with Havening.

Both approaches alter the body’s response to emotional stimuli, with EFT using tapping on meridian points to balance energy flow.

Havening, emphasizing touch, enhances this by directly affecting brain chemistry, potentially offering immediate calmness and reducing emotional distress.

Complement Traditional Therapies

Havening seamlessly integrates with traditional therapies like CBT, EMDR, and psychotherapy, enhancing their effectiveness and providing comprehensive support. Its versatility complements diverse treatment approaches, fostering holistic healing experiences for individuals.

For example, CBT targets thought patterns and behaviors, while Havening reduces emotional charge from traumatic memories, enhancing cognitive restructuring.

Integrate with Creative Therapies and Bolster Physical Therapies

Enhancing Creative Therapies with Havening Techniques®

CBT focuses on thought patterns and behaviors, while Havening reduces emotional charge from traumatic memories, enhancing cognitive restructuring effectively.

Integrating Havening calms the nervous system pre- or post-therapy, enabling full engagement and benefits from creative therapeutic activities effectively.

Incorporating Havening into creative therapies deepens clients’ connections to creative expressions, fostering significant emotional insights and healing experiences.


Strengthening Physical Therapies Through Havening Integration

Physical therapies, such as physiotherapy and massage therapy, gain an added dimension of healing when combined with Havening Techniques®.

While primarily focusing on physical well-being, integrating Havening amplifies emotional and psychological benefits effectively within these therapies.

This is achieved by directly addressing emotional aspects linked to physical discomfort, fostering a comprehensive and holistic healing experience.

Incorporating Havening with physical therapies alleviates physical ailments and heals emotional underpinnings, ensuring a thorough and enduring recovery.

Integrating Havening Techniques® into creative and physical therapies offers a holistic approach, addressing mind and body for a comprehensive healing experience.

This approach enhances the therapeutic outcomes and provides individuals with a powerful emotional regulation and well-being tool.

How Do I Know If Havening is Right For Me?

If you’re seeking a gentle, effective method to navigate stress or trauma or simply wish to enhance your emotional resilience, Havening may be the transformative journey you’re looking for.

For a more personalized discussion on how Havening can specifically benefit you, please reach out through our contact form below.

Let’s explore together how this remarkable technique can support your path to healing and growth.

If this message resonates with you, reach out today!


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