Unveiling Resilience: Navigating the Art of Transformation

Unveiling Resilience: Navigating the Art of Transformation

Introduction: Discovering Inner Strength Within a tranquil garden, a stone monk symbolizes the essence of transformation and resilience. Drawing inspiration from "Carved in Stone: The Sleeping Monk," this blog delves into the journey of personal growth and healing. We...

Discover the Guiding Principles of Transformation with Havening

Discover the Guiding Principles of Transformation with Havening

Introduction: A Journey to Self-Discovery Begin a transformative journey to personal growth and healing with Havening Techniques®. Guided by four fundamental principles—Awareness, Alignment, Attunement, and Integration—embrace a structured approach to achieve a...

From Marble to Masterpiece: Discovering Your Potential

From Marble to Masterpiece: Discovering Your Potential

Introduction: Unveiling Your Inner Masterpiece Picture yourself before an immense block of marble: raw, unshaped, and untouched. Much like the untapped potential within us, this marble holds a masterpiece waiting to emerge. The journey from raw marble to a stunning...

The Seasons of Healing: Navigating Life’s Cycles

The Seasons of Healing: Navigating Life’s Cycles

Introduction: The Journey Through Life's Seasons Life's journey unfolds through a tapestry of seasons, each with its own essence and lessons that mirror our path to healing and personal transformation. As the earth cycles through spring's renewal, summer's vitality,...

Sculpting Serenity: The Art of Emotional Healing

Sculpting Serenity: The Art of Emotional Healing

Journey to Inner Peace Embark on a transformative path likened to the art of sculpting, where emotional healing is at the heart. Through Havening Techniques®, we venture into self-discovery, allowing stress and trauma to fall away, unveiling the masterpiece hidden...

Welcome to Havening Vancouver ‘Meditations’ on Sculpting Inner Peace

Embark on a Transformative Journey with “Carved In Stone: The Sleeping Monk”

We at Havening Vancouver extend the journey sparked by “Carved In Stone: The Sleeping Monk,” a poignant poem by Lynn Demers. This narrative becomes our guiding light, inviting you to a voyage of self-discovery and transformation, blending the art of sculpting with the healing power of Havening Techniques®.

Discover Healing Through the Art of Sculpting

Our meditations are inspired by the serene qualities of the stone, embodying the earth’s wisdom as a metaphor for our healing journey. This space is our sanctuary, where we unite to gently remove the barriers to our true selves, uncovering the radiant essence within.

Embark on an Artistic Healing Journey

With guided visualizations, thoughtful meditations, and deep insights into self-havening, we begin an artistic exploration of our inner landscapes. Each shared insight acts as a chisel, sculpting the essence of our being, revealing the soul’s rhythm, and peeling away the layers that conceal our true selves.

An Invitation to Emotional and Spiritual Sculpting

This journey is an open invitation to join a collective quest for simplicity and beauty within. It’s a journey of surrender, deep listening, and embracing the unique essence that defines each of us. Together, we’ll follow the intuitive whispers and silent lessons of our experiences toward self-realization and inner peace.

Join Us in Discovering the Masterpiece Within

I, Lynn Demers, invite you to Havening Vancouver for a journey of transformation. Together, let’s uncover the masterpieces within ourselves, navigating through healing, growth, and profound personal change. Welcome to our community, where your path to awakening and finding inner peace begins.

Carved In Stone : “The Sleeping Monk”

The stone sits peacefully on the bench in quiet meditation. Heavy with wisdom, offered up from the earth itself.  Solid, yielding, prepared to return to the source. A gentle reminder as we chip away at the walls, surrender, expose the gem inside.

Will the essence be revealed? In what form? Take away what isn’t, expose what is. No need to try too hard, another silent offering. Allow the stone to carve itself, listen for what matters, and keep it simple. The beauty lies within.

A mallet-tapping chisel is ready to begin. Find the rhythm of the soul. Chip away the layers, and stories fall to the ground, the journey unknown. The stone is patient and forgiving, a vessel for the heart.

The eyes are windows to the soul. Observe the shape that is felt more than seen. An intuitive whisper describes the line to the windows of the life within.  

A heart beats softly.  The sound of silence. The stone sits peacefully on the bench.

Lynn Demers 2010

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